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Whether you are a non-musical teacher, experienced music teacher or home schooling parent looking for music curriculum, our curriculum is a great fit. Simply follow the steps in our lesson plans. Use the songs and audio that we provide!

Each lesson indicates what to say, what to do, and when to play mp3 songs and audio. The downloadable PDF file includes student worksheets, flash cards and melody sheets to print as needed. Our music lesson plans go hand-in-hand with grade-level concepts such as Math, Science, History, Geography, and more. Learning is reinforced because your students will enjoy and relate well to the lessons.

Music with an Emphasis on:
Notes and Rhythms * Numbers and Scales * Steps and Intervals
Solfege (Do-Re-Mi) * Ear Training * Singing and Listening
Key Signatures * Time Signatures * Instruments
Rests * Grade-level Concepts * Kindness and Consideration

"I have found this very helpful. The kids are singing on pitch and their rhythm is very good. We will be doing the Neighbor Polka today which they LOVE! Their (youth choir) directors have really noticed an improvement in pitch. We attribute that to the use of Solfege." -Marie in IL

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